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Bomber Command Aircrew Chronicles

Author Title

   Currie, Donald M.

   635   - Don Currie tells about being a navigator on his Pathfinder squadron

   Fauquier, Johnny

   6 Group in Action by Johnny Fauquier   - A 1945 speech to the Empire Club of Canada

   Parker, Winston

   A Night Out with Bomber Command   - Searchlights, Watching Friends Die, and Ice


   Aalborg, Karl   - The first name on the Bomber Command Memorial Wall

   Smith, F/O Ray

   Air Cadet over the Reich   - From 'Canadian Air Cadet' Nov. 1944

   Milberry, Larry

   Air Gunner Stories   - From 'Sixty Years' by Larry Milberry

   RAF Museum

   Alkemade, F/S Nicholas   - Falling from 18,000 Feet without a Parachute

   Lewis-Watts, Noel

   An Airman's Love Story   - Love songs from a missing bomb-aimer


   An Icing Incident   - A Report by 428 Sqn pilot F/O R. LaTurner

   Austin, Jeff

   Austinplein   - 429 Squadron Halifax LK802 -A Sacrifice Honoured


   English, Joe

   Back from Munich   - Nanton's 625 Squadron Lancaster pilot recalls a close call

   Barber, Frank

   Barber, Joseph   - The forty-three year old air gunner of 100 Squadron

   Birrell, Dave

   BAZ   - The Biography of S/L Ian Bazalgette VC (210 pages)


   Bazalgette, Ian   - Alberta's WW II Victoria Cross recipient


   Bellamy, Jack   - A 428 Squadron Prisoner of War trades his boots for a Germon guard's pistol

   Bercuson, David

   Bercuson, Bernard   - The story of 433 Squadron Halifax MZ899


   "Best of Luck Boys"   - Ditching in the North Sea


   Blenkinsop, Edward 'Teddy'   - The tragic story of a 405 Sqn pilot shot down on the Montzen Raid


   Bolduc, P/O Willard DFC   - An Indigenous RCAF Air Gunner

   Peden, Murray

   Bomber Operations   - The Strain of Operational Flying with Bomber Command

   Brown, Ken

   Brown, Ken   - A speech given at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Dams Raid



   Cameron, Douglas DFM   - Baz's rear gunner flew over 100 ops and with two VC pilots

   Simonsen, Clarence

   Carter, Jack   - He flew 428 Sqn Lancaster KB760 'NA-P'

   South, Hugh

   Cinders of the Clouds   - The Story of 619 Squadron Lancaster LL783


   Clothier, Robert   - 'Relic' of the Beachcombers was a Halifax bomber pilot

   Currie, Donald M.

   Currie, Don   - The training and Pathfinder Force operations of an RCAF Navigator


   Daniel, 'Danny'   - This RCAF bomb-aimer flew 50 ops with 617 Sqn


   Davidson, Barry   - Actor James Garner played Barry ('The Scrounger') in the Great Escape movie


   Delivering the Grand Slam   - F/O Martin' recollections

   Dunlop, James

   Dunlop, F/Sg. James   - A letter to be opened if he Failed to Return

   Veitch, Doug

   Dunwoodie's Crew   - The Final Flight of 408 Sqn Halifax NP781

   Heather, Jim

   Earnshaw, Ken   - John Hopgood's navigator on the Dams Raid

   Lockhart, Greg

   Ekelund, John   - From Twin Butte to 149 Sqn to Ile d'Yeu


   Engbrecht & Gillanders   - The RCAF's top air gunner team

   English, Joe

   English, Joe   - Nanton's Lancaster pilot



   Fauquier, Johnny DSO and Two Bars DFC   - Canada's greatest bomber pilot


   Fetherston, Thomas   - 'A Name in the Sand' -A Nanton grocer's son's RCAF bracelet is returned

   Cameron, Bill

   Franco, Don   - An Orkney Island Miracle (Christmas in a Lighthouse)


   Fraser, John & 'Hoppy'   - A Dams Raid story


   Fulton, John DSO, DFC, AFC   - 419 Squadron's First C/O

   Kemp, Hugh

   Fulton, John DSO, DFC, AFC   - A 1944 article about 419 Squadron's first 'Mooseman'

   Giacomelli, Dave

   Giacomelli, Fritz   - An Italian-Canadian's service with 149 and 419 squadrons

   Gildea, J.P.

   Gildea, J.P.   - Sgt. Gildea's (115 Sqn) Diary

   Nichols, Dominic

   Habgood, Freddie's Bracelet   - Returning a wartime bracelet to a family

   Hawkes, Doug

   Hawkes, Doug   - 419 Sqn Pilot and Prisoner of War


   Hume, Bill DFM   - 'Bunny' Clayton's rear gunner on 617 Squadron


   Hutcheon, Robert 408 Sqn   - Chronicle includes all 'Zekes' navigation maps

   Hymers, Al

   Hymers, Al   - The sole survivor of Lancaster LM213


   Platana, Terry

   In Honour of my Father   - F/O Daniel Platana 425 Sqn 156 Sqn PFF


   Jenkins, Ron 434 Squadron   - Halifax MK III Pilot's Course Notes

   Simonsen, Clarence

   Jenkins, Ron, and Lady Orchid   - Ron's wartime Lancaster flies today within FM213

   Birrell, Dave

   Johnny   - The Biography of Johnny Fauquier DSO and 2 BARS DFC (224 pages)

   Travers, Terri

   Keys, Jim   - An American in the RCAF interviewed by his grandaughter


   Kinney, John   - A Nanton boy was a 'Sole Survivor'

   Thomson, Rick

   Lancaster KB834   - The Last Mission of a 434 RCAF Lancaster

   Hinks, Ian

   Lancaster W4270   - W/O II Thomas Warne and Crew


   Lane, Reg   - The legendary Canadian pathfinder pilot

   Black, Cliff

   Lardie, Father   - A Padre over the Ruhr


   Lardie, Father John Philip   - The Chaplain on the motorcycle


   Lesesne, Chuck   - A 431 Squadron pilot's sacrifice


   Love, Jim   - A Canadian 207 Squadron navigator describes the Peenemunde Raid



   Mahaddie, Hamish   - A horsethief for the Pathfinders

   Birrell, Dave

   McCarthy, Big Joe   - The RCAF's American Dambuster (298 pages)


   Me 262 Fighter Attack   - Canadian Bombers swarmed by Luftwaffe jets


   Mould, David   - An RCAF air-gunner and his memories in his art


   Mynarski, Andrew   - 419 Squadron's Victoria Cross recipient

   Nelson, Frank

   Nelson, Frank   - A 138 page album that includes a tour with 408 Sqn


   Newson, W.F.M. 'Bill' DSO DFC and Bar   - 11 BR Escorting Convoys, 405, 408, 431 Sqns

   Watts, Ron

   No Cowards Fly the Hump in Stearmans   - A post BCATP adventure in India and China

   English, Joe

   Operation Manna   - The best raid of the war


   Operation Taxable   - 617 Squadron and the D-Day Spoof


   Thomas, Elaine

   Parker, Winston Churchill   - Alberta Cowboy, Air-Gunner, Prisoner of War, Rancher


   Parker, Winston's Handkerchief   - A painting completed at Stalag VIIIB


   Parker, Winston's Photo Album   - Taken with a secret camera at Stalag VIIIB


   Patterson, Donald   - An #3 SFTS instructor who became a 426 Squadron Flight Commander

   Pavle, John

   Pavle, John   - A 434 Sqn Groundcrew's Photo Album


   Peden, Murray   - Author of 'A Thousand Shall Fall'

   Birrell, Dave

   People and Planes   - Stories from the Bomber Command Museum of Canada (220 pages)

   Perry, Richard P.

   Perry, F/L Richard P. 218 Sqn   - Excerpts from a 218 Squadron airman's diary

   Petrie, D.J.

   Petrie, F/Lt. Douglas   - Doug flew our museum's Anson #7481

   LaGacé, Pierre

   Phelen, W/C William Gerald   - A Pilot with 425 and 420 Sqns


   Pigeon, Percy   - An RCAF Wireless Op. with 97 and 617 Sqns


   Prince, Albert Stanley   - The first of the ten-thousand Canadians to die with Bomber Command

   Lavallée, Norma

   Proudlock, Thomas Harold   - A Tribute to a 426 Sqn Bomb Aimer



   RAF Sleap   - A Canadian C/O for an RAF Operational Training Unit

   Renton, Doug

   Renton, Doug   - An amazing record of forty-eight operations with 405 squadron


   Robertson, Stewart DFC   - A Canadian bomber pilot in the Royal Air Force

   Anderson, George

   Roman, Rudy 408 Sqn   - The War Crimes Tribunal convicts a German for shooting Rudy Roman

   Routledge, Joe

   Routledge, Joe   - A 156 Sqn PFF bomb aimer's story from Lake Louise

   Poissand, David

   Sandy's Doll   - The wartime mascot and friend of F/Lt. Richard 'Sandy' Sanderson

   Smith, Arnold

   Smith, F/O Arnold's Photo Album   - A taste of 100 Group Operations with 192 Sqn

   Florence, Elinor

   Sutherland, Fred   - The Last Canadian Dambuster


   Sutherland, Larry   - A Canadian in 207 Sqn who shot down 7 Fighters



   Taerum, Harlo 'Terry'   - W/C Guy Gibson's navigator from Milo, Alberta

   Paton, Arch

   The First Op   - A successful ditching and rescue from the North Sea

   Morley, Paul

   The Promise   - A Hamilton Connection to the Dambusters (Frank Garbas and Albert Garshowitz)

   Currie, Donald M.

   The Real Story about the Bouncing Bomb   - Don Currie's version

   Haliday, Jeremy

   Thornhill, Martin Arthur   - A detailed Memorial to Martin Thornhill 405 Sqn, by his cousin


   Tweddle, Douglas   - Sinking the Battleship Tirpitz with Tallboys

   Gardiner, George

   Visiting the Ruhr   - A Letter home to the Petrolia Newspaper


   Wall, Ray   - A 408 Squadron POW's illustrated story


   Ward, James Allen VC   - 'Jimmy' crawled across the wing to extinguish an engine fire

   Weaver, Larry

   Weaver, Sylvan   - A 487 Sqn Ventura wireless-operator

   Wright, Ken

   When Nature Calls   - On a combat operation in a Bomber Command aircraft


   White, F/Lt William   - An Artist in the RCAF

   Witwer, Howard

   Witwer, Howard   - A 419 Squadron pilot, the only survivor of a mid-air collision of two Lancasters



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