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Bomber Command Aircrew Chronicles

BOLDUC, P/O Williard John (J19306) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.15 Squadron - Award effective 19 June 1944 as per London Gazette dated 30 June 1944 and AFRO 1861/44 dated 25 August 1944. Born 26 December 1919. Home in Montreal; enlisted in North Bay, Ontario, 9 June 1941 for General Duties and posted to No.4A Manning Depot. To No.5 Squadron, 1 July 1941. To No.116 Squadron, 16 August 1941. Promoted AC1, 9 September 1941. Promoted LAC, 1 December 1941. Remustered to aircrew, 1 May 1942 when reduced to AC2 again. To No.9 BGS, 4 July 1942; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 25 September 1942. To "Y" Depot, 26 September 1942. To RAF overseas, 24 October 1942. Commissioned 2 May 1944. Repatriated 27 November 1944. To Mountain View, date uncertain. Retired 19 March 1945. Award presented 5 July 1944. A member of the Ojibway First Nation.

    Pilot Officer Bolduc has taken part in many operational sorties including attacks on such important and strongly defended targets as Berlin, Hamburg and Essen. In June 1943, while over Cologne, his aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter. This officer's accurate fire damaged the enemy aircraft which broke off the attack and was probably destroyed. Another time during a sortie against Nuremburg his aircraft was attacked by a Junkers 88. While making the bombing run Pilot Officer Bolduc opened fire and the enemy fighter fell to the ground in flames. At all times this air gunner has set an inspiring example by his keenness and devotion to duty.



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