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Bomber Command Museum Chronicles

Author Title

   Johnston, Tim

   Alberta's Bessonneau Hangar   - A WW I Hangar with a long history in Alberta


   Allan, Jack   - Nanton's 'Golden Hawk' C/O

   Kenter, Peter

   Building a Grand Slam   - John and Andy build a Replica for the museum


   Canada's Wartime Aircraft Manufacturing   - The beginnings of an industry that still thrives

   Gaetano, Janet

   Childhood Journey to a War Cemetery   - Visiting graves with my father, a Bomber Command pilot

   Pittet, Richard

   Christmas Mission Home   - Based on 'The Shepherd, this version has a Nanton connection

   Vineberg, Tamara

   Dambuster's Daughter   - A daughter discovers her father's role in the Dams Raid

   Warren, Duke

   Dieppe   - The Canadian Battle as recalled by Duke Warren, a Spitfire pilot who was there

   Groeneveld, Ron

   Dutch Resistance   - How one family participated

   Birrell, Dave

   FM159 The Lucky Lancaster   - The complete history of the museum's Lancaster (118 pages)

   Birrell, Dave

   Following Baz   - A biographer's journey to Downham Market and Senantes

   Seaborn, Clark

   Friendly-Fire at High River   - The First RCAF Aircraft fired on in WWII

   Warren, Douglas

   Gemini Flight   - The story of Nanton-born identical twins Bruce and Douglas Warren (202 pages)



   Halifax MZ516   - A special model for the museum

   Gradon, John

   Happy Landings   - On P for Peter's tire at the Bomber Command Museum

   Reimer, Dorothy

   Harvard 3825   - Tragedy in the Bull Creek Hills

   Cameron, Bill

   Japan Balloon Bombs   - 1944, 1945 Attacks on North America

   Gafiuk, Anne

   Jones, Gordon   - Living aviation history

   Spinks, Jonathan

   KB773's Tire   - The story of a Lancaster tire

   Clift, R.J.

   Lancaster EQ-K brings an Incendiary Home   - A bomb for the museum

   Fey, Tom

   Legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin   - One second in the life of a classic V-12 engine


   Magee, John   - The RCAF pilot poet who wrote 'High Flight'


   McMahon, Ray   - He Made Lancaster FM159 Presentable

   Fox, Lloyd

   Memories of My Buddy, Cpl. Pat Brophy   - A story by Andrew Mynarski's rear gunner's friend

   Warren, Duke

   Merlin Engine   - A tribute by Duke Warren, one of Nanton's Spitfire Twins

   Birrell, Dave

   Nose Art -The Clarence Simonsen Collection   - The stories behind the collection (90 pages)


   Placing a Plaque at Kingston Lake   - A family honours P/O Philip Kingston

   Birrell, Dave

   People and Planes   - Stories from the Bomber Command Museum of Canada (220 pages)



   Saving the De Winton Flagpole   - It was found rotting in the grass at 31 EFTS De Winton


   Senantes and Nanton   - Twinned communities united through S/L Ian Bazalgette VC DFC

   Johnson, Bill

   Snowbirds over Mount Rainier   - The museum's Tutor was part of the best Snowbirds photo ever

   Smith, Tom

   Spinks, Jonathan   - The story of Jonathan Spinks -Airplane Hunter

   Hill, Angela

   Thank You to the Bomber Boys   - A Dutch occupation survivor and a bomber pilot become friends

   Birrell, Dave

   The Canadian Air Force at High River   - The story of the Air Station at High River, Alberta (124 pages)

   Sikstrom, C.B.

   The Kit Came Back   - RAF Razor lost in Nanton returned after 70 years

   Mills, Dan

   The Last Rover   - The poignant story of four young mountain friends who died in Bomber Command

   English, Joe

   Tiger Moth   - A Lancaster pilot is re-united with the aircraft he trained on

   Dowbiggen, W.E (Bill)

   Tire Evokes Memories of War   - A Remembrance Day visit to the museum

   de Boer, Richard

   Warbird Relic Hunters   - Jon Spinks and Richard de Boer


   Warren, Bruce and Douglas   - Nanton's Spitfire twins

   Groeneveld, Ron

   Wartime Memories of Ronnie Groeneveld   - How a young Dutch man survived the occupation

   Brown, Shandel M.

   Were the Dambusters Successful?   - A Dambuster's Grandaughter's thoughts



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