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Bomber Command Museum Chronicles

John (Jack) Fallow Allan was born in Nanton in 1917. After attending school in Nanton, he joined the RCAF as an aero-engine mechanic, six months before war was declared in September 1939.

The following year he became a pilot and went on to serve in North Africa flying Hurricanes and Spitfires with No. 33 Squadron RAF from March 1942 until May 1943. During this time he engaged in dog-fights, shooting down two enemy aircraft and claiming another two as "probables." He also provided cover for shipping and attacked enemy army vehicles. Jack flew thirteen operations during the pivotal Battle of El Alamein.

Allan then served as a test pilot in Egypt until he was posted back to Canada in January 1944.

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Salute to Jack Allan

Following the war, Jack flew the F-86 Sabre and in 1952 became the C/O of No. 414 Fighter Squadron. From 1953 to 1956 he was Chief Flying Officer with No. 4 Wing in Germany, returning to Canada as the Commanding Officer of No. 1 (Fighter) Operational Training Unit.

W/C Allan helped form the Golden Hawks RCAF Aerobatics Team. It first flew in 1959 as part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Flight in Canada.

From 1960 to 1962, W/C Allan was the Commanding Officer of the Golden Hawks. Although he had been a Sabre squadron C/O, he had no experience in aerobatics. However, he was in charge of the team and travelled with them, flying a T-33 that was painted in Golden Hawks' markings. The golden T-33 was a real crowd pleaser, so Jack often made low passes on arrival and departure as the team visited the many air shows and other functions they performed at.

Jack completed his air force career as Commanding Officer of the radar base at Beaverbank, Nova Scotia. He retired to Kelowna, British Columbia in 1964 and passed away in 1973.

Jack Allan in his front yard in Nanton.

Jack Allan and his mother,
Mabel Allan, in Nanton c.1940.

Jack and Margaret Allan with daughters
Lynda (rear) and Janice in Nanton (1962).

Jack Allan in the desert.

P/O Allan crash-landed this No. 33 Squadron Hurricane
following an undercarriage failure.

(larger image)
Hurricane RS-X model by Tom Calbury.

(larger image)
Battle of El Alamein logbook entries -Late October and early November, 1942.

W/C Allan (at left in front of the nearest Sabre) preparing to leave RCAF Uplands for Germany with No. 414 Squadron RCAF.

Jack Allan -Spitfire Pilot.

1960 Golden Hawks Team at Montreal.
(l-r) F/L Ed Rozdeba (left wing), F/L George MacDonald (commentator), F/L Jim McCombe (right wing),
S/L Fern Villeneuve (team leader), W/C Jack Allan (CO), F/O Bill Stewart (slot, hidden from view),
F/L Ralph Annis (lead solo), F/L J.T. Price (solo), F/L Dave Tinson (second solo/spare).
Missing from the photo is F/L Rocky Van Vliet (team PRO). The names of the ladies are not known.

Golden Hawks.

A Golden Hawks Flypast over Nanton as photographed by Jack's father as they passed over the family's house.

A Golden Hawk Sabre flying over the summit of Mount Head.
This peak is immediately west of Nanton and the photo may have been taken prior to or following a flypast over the town.

Jack Allan's Flight Jacket.

(larger image)
T-33 #21500 model by Tom Calbury.

Jack Allan's Flight Suit.

W/C Allan's name painted near the cockpit of his T-33.

Jack Allan's T-33 in Golden Hawks Markings.
[ courtesy Rae Simpson ]

Jack Allan flew this T-33 prior to his acquiring #21500.

The Golden Hawks

Bomber Command Museum of Canada