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BCATP Chronicles

Author Title

   #2 FIS Pearce

   #2 Flight Instructor School Final Newsletter   - A look into the operation of a BCATP School

   #8 B&G

   #8 Bombing and Gunnery School's (Lethbridge) Photo Album   - 669 photos


   4 B&G Grad Class   - Notes on photos tell that only 3 of 24 were 'OK'

   Johnston, Tim

   Alberta's Bessonneau Hangar   - A WW I French hangar used by 5 EFTS at High River

   Simonsen, Clarence

   BCATP's Wireless Schools   - Wireless Air Gunners War Art

   Johnston, Tim

   Building the BCATP   - Civil Engineering and the Development of the BCATP

   Cameron, Bill

   Calgary and Area BCATP Facilities   - A detailed record

   Birrell, Dave

   Canadian Air Force at High River   - The Air Station at High River, Alberta (124 pages)

   Simonsen, Clarence

   Clayton Knight Committee   - Recruiting Americans for the RCAF

   Miller, A.R.

   Dangers of Low-Flying   - A Horse is Struck by a 2 FIS (Vulcan) Aircraft

   Feir, Douglas

   Feir, Douglas   - The Officer in Charge of #19 SFTS Photo Section

   James, Lyle

   Flak over the River Canard   - Coming under fire by duck hunters in a Tiger Moth


   Flight Instructors   - "So it's circuits and bumps from morning 'til noon"

   O'Malley, Dave

   Ghosts of Southern Alberta   - A 2019 look at the BCATP airfields of southern Alberta

   Harder, Keith

   Gravitas   - An Anson Art Installation in Landscape

   Hoult, Doug

   Jacobs Engine   - The 'Shakey Jakes' that powered Ansons and Cranes


   O'Malley, Dave

   Last Call for Lancasters   - From Tiger Force to Derelict on the Alberta Prairie

   Birrell, Dave

   Leading the Stearmans   - The Boeing Stearman's year of service in the BCATP (84 pages)

   Moose Jaw Times

   Low Flying over Moose Jaw   - The Local Newspaper was not Pleased

   Johnston, Tim

   Mid-Air over Calgary   - A wartime tragedy over downtown Calgary

   Watts, Ron

   No Cowards Fly the Hump in Stearmans   - A post BCATP adventure in India and China

   Simonsen, Clarence

   No. 2 Wireless School   - A very complete history

   Carthy, Stephen

   No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School   - A BCATP school at Dafoe, Saskatchewan

   O'Malley, Dave

   OXBOXES over the Prairies   - Airspeed Oxfords at 36 SFTS Penhold


   Palmer, Jock   - The Grandfather of Alberta Aviation

   Gosling, Margaret

   Pearce Aerodrome   - Visiting with S/L Gosling thirty-five years later

   Cameron, Bill

   Prairie Boy's War   - A young cadet's experiences during WW II


   Service Flying Training School Syllabus   - A Summary for SFTS Instructors

   Jones, Elgin Keith

   Stay Out Of Those Hangars   - Childhood memories from a family home on the former 19 SFTS

   McNorgan, Patrick

   Vulcan Mind Meld   - Visiting the former 19 SFTS


   Walsh, Frances   - A teacher in a one-room school is awarded the George Medal

   Gilson, Dave

   Walsh, Frances   - A Remembrance Day CBC tribute to a George Medal recipient


   Waterton Lectern   - It originally served at an RAF Flying School



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