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Bomber Command Aircrew Chronicles

The stories in this section of the archives website are largely those of aircrew who have had a direct connection with the museum, either in person, because of a local connection to Nanton, or through a family member. In many cases, they have told the stories themselves -for example, Howard Witwer tells of how he was the sole survivor of the mid-air collision of two Lancasters, Doug Renton shares a detailed diary that he kept of his forty-eight operations with 405 Squadron including eleven trips to Berlin, and Murray Peden tells of the strain of operational flying with Bomber Command. Other stories are written as tributes by family members -for example Elinor Florence tells the story of Fred Sutherland who was the front-gunner on the aircraft that breached the Eder Dam, Frank Barber tells of the devious efforts his father made to join Bomber Command as a forty-three year old, and Terri Travers tells the story of her grandfather, an American in the RCAF.

Other stories were prepared by the museum based on material that was placed in our archives by families, including a poignant story of an RCAF bracelet that belonged to Thomas Fetherston, an airman whose parents operated a grocery store in Nanton. Although Fetherston's aircraft disappeared into the sea without a trace, the bracelet somehow washed up on the Dutch coast fifty-seven years later, was found, and returned to the family.

On the lighter side, Don Currie tells how an unusual event during one of his operations with 635 Squadron gave Barnes Wallis the idea of using a 'bouncing bomb' to breach Nazi dams and Ken Wright goes into some detail regarding how aircrew coped 'when nature called'.

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