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Nose Art

During June 1939, Walt Disney artist Hank Porter, and from his pen came a belligerent wasp wearing six boxing gloves for the aircraft aboard the American aircraft carrier USS Wasp. The new design was painted on aircraft, flying jackets, letterheads, and anything else that was handy including dishes. It wasn't long before the Disney insignia was known from coast to coast in the United States. The new design team grew to five artists who created over 1200 insignia during the war for units from Canada, Britain, the Free French, the Free Polish, as well as numerous American ones. The RCAF received 32 insignia officially created for them by the Walt Disney team. The "Seven Dwarfs" that are pictured on a "V for Victory" was designed for "A" Flight of No. 15 Service Flying Training School at Claresholm, Alberta.

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