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Canadian Nose Artists

In January 1945, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Sgt Tom Walton painted artwork on the nose of Lancaster X KB864 of 428 Sqn. The nose art on the port side was based on the Esquire pinup for January 1945 and was given the name "Sugar's Blues". The name came from a very popular wartime swing tune. Additionally, each of KB864's twenty-one operational flights was recorded by a little diving girl, based on another Varga figure (from the August 1944 Varga calendar), and similar in appearance to the trademark of the Jantzen swimming suit company. On the starboard side he painted artwork of a white ghost dropping a bomb. All of the nose art on KB854 was painted in four standard issue colours: Red, White, Blue, and Yellow. Tom Walton was discharged from the RCAF on 27 August 1945 with the rank of Flying Officer.

Sugar's Blues
by Tom Walton

Bomber Command Museum of Canada