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Canadian Nose Artists

"Muff" Mills joined the RCAF in 1943 and became an airframe mechanic. Late that year he was posted to No. 428 Squadron where he painted nose art on Wellington and later Halifax and Lancaster Bombers. In May, 1945 he was assigned as one of the ground crew to EQ-A with No. 408 Squadron. His brother was one of the aircrew. Muff painted the nose art on this aircraft "A for Abner" based on the Al Capp newspaper comic strip.

"A for Abner"

Muff also painted a large mural in the flight room of No. 4 hangar at the Linton-on-Ouse airbase. The mural depicted the mischievous antics of Canadian airmen at "Fred's Pub."

Muff painted this artwork on two aircraft. In February 1943 it was painted on No. 428 Squadron Wellington "C for Cuppa Tea" at Dalton, near Thirsk, in Yorkshire. Then, in January 1945, he painted it on No. 408 Squadron Lancaster "C for Cecil" at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire.

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