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Nanton History

Read the Story, then Listen to the song
86 Tons of Coal

by George Blake

Why the Citizens Robbed the Train

A Robbery is Contemplated, A Shot is Fired,       AND AN ARREST MADE

Pausing the Robbery for Lunch and a Meeting

Being Orderly and Fair as the Robbery Proceeds

The Consequences?   - There Weren't Any

Listen to the song
86 Tons of Coal

by George Blake

  Download  Nanton's Great Train Robbery

Nanton's 'Great Train Robbery' is thoroughly documented. Details for the above version were obtained through:

Baker, William M. Vigilante Justice Tolerated -The Great Nanton Train Robbery, 1907:
Alberta History [Journal of the Alberta Historical Society] (Winter 1997).

Mosquito Creek Round-up: Nanton and District Historical Society. 1975.

The Nanton News. February 7, 1907.

The Nanton Station (at left)

The Auditorium Hotel
where the CPR authorities and Const. Currie
likely had lunch.

The Nanton Station (track-side)

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