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Lancaster FM159 Chronicles

Author Title

   Hotson, Fred

   Ferrying Lancaster FM159   - How Nanton's Lancaster was almost lost en-route to England


   FM159 Flight Log   - Over 335 entries so far

   Birrell, Dave"

   FM159 The Lucky Lancaster   - The complete history including its restoration (118 pages)

   Hazelton, "Shorty"

   FM159 Visits Bermuda   - A challenging cross-wind landing in front of an audience

   Clark, Bert

   From the Log of FM159   - A long return to Comox with no communications

   Sharratt, Norm

   How We Almost Lost FM159   - The Nanton Lancaster's longest flight -12 hours and 25 minutes


   Lancaster for Nanton   - The beginnings of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada

   Lang, Harley

   Looking for a Lost York   - Lancaster FM159 participates in the search for an Avro York

   Hollowell, Fred

   Making the Merlins Run   - The story of a thirty year restoration project by one who was there


   McMahon, Ray   - He Made Lancaster FM159 Presentable

   Taylor, Dr. Brian J. DVM

   Replacing FM159's Rear Fuselage Floor   - A restoration project



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