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Bomber Command Museum of  Canada

Memorial Plaque Program

The museum's Memorial Plaque Program began in 1989 when funds were being raised for the initial museum building. At that time four classes of membership were available -a regular membership, a five-year 'Square-Footer' membership, a Lifetime membership, and a separate category for Royal Canadian Legion Branch supporters.

To encourage donations to the Building Fund, those who donated $100 to become a 'Square-Footer' and those who purchased $500 lifetime memberships were entitled to a plaque, with an inscription of their choosing, that would be placed on display boards in the museum. Following the completion of the building, the program was modified to direct the donations to the development of the museum and not specifically to a building fund. Later a 'Wing-Commander' category was added for larger donations.

Due to the large number of plaques that had been requested over the years and the lack of display space, the program has evolved into the creation of 'Virtual Plaques' which, together with the plaques purchased under the initial program, are displayed in the front lobby on a computer screen upon which the plaques continuously scroll.

The program continues with any museum supporter making a donation of $100 or more being offered the opportunity to have a Virtual Plaque created with an inscription of their choosing.

Over the years, a wide variety of plaque inscriptions have been created and the total number is approaching two thousand.

Complete List of Memorial Plaques

Listing of Brass Plaques with Locations

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